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Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Dakar Rally 2017

I've often wondered if the bronze tinge in my eyebrows is the result of the hours spent as a kid in my dad's dark room peering over the top of the intoxicating fixing bath, as he developed prints under the red safe light.

For Dad photography was a passion, for me it became my profession, thanks Dad.

I honed my craft the old fashioned way, as a photographic assistant for close on 5 years before venturing into freelance photography, specialising at first in fashion & people, later also in automotive and adventure photography.

From celebrity portraits to top secret cars, photography has taken me to 5 continents and allowed me to film and photograph in some extreme places like the slopes of that unpronounceable "Eyafyekayukl"  volcano in Iceland and Diego Ramirez island off Antarctica in the southern ocean. I've had the privilege of working with some amazing names like Nelson Mandela and Brad Pitt and brands such as Red Bull, Williams F1, Volvo, BMW, Porsche and many more. 

Although born a Brit, I spent a large part of my life in Africa until I returned to the United Kingdom where I work as a freelance commercial photographer and run a production company called Speedstream Films.

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