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The ultimate crew transporter. A Chilean Naval frigate.




Cape Horn 

The "mission" was to shoot the Volvo Ocean Race yachts rounding Cape Horn as, well the changing of the lone lighthouse keeper on Diego Ramirez island, the world's most southerly island in the southern ocean

The location was a massive bucket list tick, but the pressure to deliver on time was immense. 

Our team of 4 had to deliver pictures and video as close to live as possible from almost the bottom of the world. We were so far south on the planet the satellite data terminal we carried with us could only just locate the satellites above the northern horizon for a few hours each day.





Photographing the bivouac (race camp) in the Atacama Desert in Chile. Boiling by day, freezing by night.




DAKar rally

The Dakar is a two week motorsport marathon across the continent of South America. Often called the worlds toughest motor race, it's also one of the most extreme events to cover as a media team.

I've been fortunate to cover the event many times, including for the Red Bull team when they won all classes in 2017.





Shooting the cover shot as the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean in Cape Town.




true story

While shooting this magazine cover in Cape Town we caused a bit more of a stir than we planned. Cars right behind our heels on the main road kept slowing to rubber neck on our steamy scene, until one of them piled into the back of another car. The guys driving blamed us for causing the accident?! Maybe he was right?



Imagine the panic when your camera bag is standing open and an Atacama desert sandstorm rips through the Dakar bivouac. It ain't pretty, although the picture was. 

The fesh-fesh (fine sand)  gets in everywhere. The local have a saying that it's so fine it gets under your foreskin. (apologies for crude comment)








They call it the toughest race on earth. For the media crews who cover the race it is one of the toughest sporting assignments on earth.

In 2014, 2015  & 2016 I was contracted as part of a 2 man media team to produce content for the Toyota Team during their quest for Dakar glory.

Having finished 3rd and 2nd in the first two events hopes were high for the top spot of the podium. Unfortunately they never got there.

*Addition - They finally won it in 2019 !






The Hilux is one of Toyota's most important brands and the marketing campaign around this car is a pretty prestigious account. 

To show off its toughness I photographed this  campaign in the awe-inspiring Namib desert. Must be one of the few places in the world where you can drive for days and not see another sign of civilisation 


​​10 months away. 9 countries, 5 continents & 45 000 miles. This ones not for sissies.

Would I do it again?

I did. Three times altogether.


Volvo cars

The brief from client Volvo Cars in Sweden was to photograph the latest model range in a golfing environment.

It just happened that Volvo sponsor the World Match Play Championship and it made sense to head off to the Thracian Cliffs in Bulgaria on the Black Sea to do the shoot a week before the tournament.  

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